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If you require more information on the open-sleeve antenna, please refer to
the ARRL Antenna Book, 16th or 17th edition.  In the 16th edition published
1991, on pages 7-4 through 7-8, I describe the basic principles of the
open-sleeve monopole as published by Dr. J.T. Bolljahn of Stanford Research
Institute.  The open-sleeve dipole is derived from the open-sleeve

Also, I published an article,  "The Open-Sleeve Antenna" in CQ Magazine,
Vol. 39, No. 8, August 1983, pages 13-19.

If you have access to an Engineering library, also check out:

H.E. King and J.L. Wong, "An Experimental Study of a Balun-Fed Open-Sleeve
Dipole in Front of a Metallic Reflector", IEEE Trans. Antennas and
Propagation, Vol. AP-20, 201-204, March 1972

In addition, the Antenna Engineering Handbook by Jasik contains some
information on the open-sleeve in the section on aircraft antennas.  The
newer version by Johnson also contains some information.

I originally said that the C-3 uses a principle "similar" to the
Explorer-14.  The main similarity is the dependence of the impedance on
close-spaced parasitic elements.  The close spacing requires a certain
amount of stability to maintain a constant VSWR.  These comments should NOT
be taken as being critical of their design.

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