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[TowerTalk] Spacing requirements

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Spacing requirements
From: (T. A. Russell)
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 21:43:08 EST
Nick -  (WA4GKM de N4KG)

I have given this very question considerable prior thought and here, 
IMHO, is the best solution:

Put up 160 ft of Rohn 45, guyed at 40/80/120/160 ft., preferably with
Philystran, or at least break up your guys sufficiently.

Place the 2L40's at 80/160 which is a great stacking combination.

Place the TH7's at 40 and 120 ft.  Use ring rotors or sidearms to

The low TH7 is a killer during the day, often better than higher
The second lobe of the high TH7 falls in the center of the first lobe of
the lower TH7 but with less beamwidth in the vertical plane.  This is
also useful during daytime conditions.  The lower lobe of the upper
TH7 is your low angle nighttime/low MUF antenna.  The upper antenna
will probably be the antenna of choice to the Carib/S.A. during the day
and the lower antenna should be the best to Europe/Africa during the

I know I'm going to catch a lot of heat over these claims, but those
are my OBSERVATIONS with my high and low antennas and MANY
others with multiple antennas/heights have confirmed the same.

If I were to move and leave my 7 tower station, this is exactly what
I would put up first.  It is an extemely powerful and versitile

You could hang a pair of 80M inverted vees under the top 2L40, or 
try an 80M rotary dipole.  Suspend a vertically polarized DELTA LOOP
for 160M operation.  Six bands on a single tower with competitive
antennas.  Go for it!

de Tom - N4KG

On Sat, 22 Mar 1997 18:33:50 CST writes:
>To all:
>I talked to Steve about this and he suggested I put it on the 
>reflector and maybe someone could give me the proper spacing and 
>height requirements.  My plan is to use two 40-2CDs and 2 TH7s putting 
>one of each on the top of the mast and fixing one each of the antennas 
>on Europe.  My question is how high the tower should be and what the 
>spacing should be between each antenna.  Any other suggestions that 
>you experienced tower and antenna guys can give will be greatly 
>appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
>Nick WA4GKM
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