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[TowerTalk] insulated wire wrapped-back

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Subject: [TowerTalk] insulated wire wrapped-back
From: seay@Alaska.NET (Jan & Del Seay)
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 20:05:49 -0800 wrote:

> Guilty of the above construction practice....never thought about it being
> poor form, I guess because I have successfully used it for 25+ years of
> making dipoles/inverted vees, etc!  Now I gotta worry about that as well as
> having my home foreclosed ....oops wrong OJ
> Jim, K4OJ

I Guess we Hams are always doing things that are not particularily
good practice, and this is one.

We were taught that the wrap back should be permanent and soldered, and
I have always followed the practice, to good use. Currents in my feeders
are usually pretty well balanced.

By the way - I think you'll find very little inductive component in
wrapping of the ends. Most wire antennas like that are lower frequency
and what little inductive component will be of little consequence.
There will be more capacitive reactance do to the close spacing to the
main portion.  de KL7HF

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