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[TowerTalk] Spacing requirements

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Spacing requirements
From: (Dave Raymond-CSUS04)
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 21:20:00 -0600
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I have somewhat similar circumstances with the tower here although it's not 
quite as tall.
I have a rotating 130' Rohn 55 with stationary guys at 40', and guy rings at 80'
and 120'.  I have TH7s stacked at 41', 81', and 121' using the Dunestar 
stackmatch.  It's a killer combination.  I have a 3 element 40 mtr yagi at 130'.
 For the VK0IR operation, I put up one vertical bent dipole (ala K8UR-kinda like
a vertical inverted vee) which will be the beginnings of a 4 vertical dipole 
phased array.  I didn't have the time or wx to get the other three dipoles up 
but did manage to work VK0IR on 75 with just a single dipole.
The whole thing plays very well.  I'd recommend stacked TH7s (or other good 
tribanders) to anyone.  It makes a very versatile, potent get a lot
of bang for your buck (and space).
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Spacing requirements
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Date:    3/22/97 9:00 PM
>Put up 160 ft of Rohn 45, guyed at 40/80/120/160 ft., preferably with 
>Philystran, or at least break up your guys sufficiently.
>Place the 2L40's at 80/160 which is a great stacking combination.
Yes! - the 40m yagi at 160 will work VERY well.
>Place the TH7's at 40 and 120 ft.  Use ring rotors or sidearms to 
Or better yet - keep looking for more th7's and put one 
on top and one at 80' as well.
>The low TH7 is a killer during the day, often better than higher 
>I know I'm going to catch a lot of heat over these claims, but those 
>are my OBSERVATIONS with my high and low antennas and MANY
>others with multiple antennas/heights have confirmed the same.
I will back Tom up on this - I have had the chance to use
ALOT of diffrent height antennas through at least one compleate 
solar cycle from the same station.
>You could hang a pair of 80M inverted vees under the top 2L40, or >try 
an 80M rotary dipole.  Suspend a vertically polarized DELTA LOOP >for 
160M operation.  Six bands on a single tower with competitive 
>antennas.  Go for it!
I would suggest putting up 3 or 4 sloping dipoles for 80 meters. 
I have found that they work better on 80m than a rotary dipole at 
150' does for 80m.
George Fremin III
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