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Subject: Fwd: [TowerTalk] Looking for SBUD Co.
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Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 23:29:44 -0500 (EST)
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Date: 97-03-23 23:15:08 EST

I have one of these transformers for the 80 band I would like to sell.
I have sold the one for 160 meter. I got these from the the sbud group
at the Dayton Hfest . I dont believe they are still in business.
 This transformer is built in 4 inch PVC pipe, you ground the bottom
I bolt, tie 1/4 L ant to the upper loop.Has a so239 caox input. This
really broadbands these verticals ,Work the full 75-80 meter band on one
ant I will ship it for $22.00.
73 Roger, KO4O wrote:
> From: Lou Jones <>
> Subject: help/the sbud
> myself and a few other local radio amateurs are very interested in putting
> up a new wire vertical for 160 and 80 mtrs. we came accross some paperwork
> on a matching transformer sutable for the job. its called the  SBUD it was
> made by local hams in the ohio area and listed under the name of  82
> PRODUCTS. 6858 PARK VISTA. ENGLEWOOD. OHIO 45322. however ive tried to
> locate them  and asked  BELL for a phone number?? but have been unable t

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