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[TowerTalk] Square Footage wind load

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Square Footage wind load
From: (Roger A. Cox WB0DGF)
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 12:04:45 -0500

I checked our file on the 204BA.  The surface area "should" be 6.8 sq. ft.
measured in the "traditional" manner: SQR(Ae^2+Ab^2).  This is what YS 1.5
calculates also.  The separate areas for the elements (Ae) and boom (Ab)
are:  Ae=6.15 and Ab=2.9.  I beleive that the max area used by the
cross-flow principle would be Ae (6.15 sq. ft.).  The manual shows 7.27 sq.
ft.  I am not sure where this comes from.  I'll try to locate the old
files.  I would not worry about the element clamps, however you may wish to
consider the boom-to-mast bracket since it presents a flat surface area to
the wind.  Perhaps the 7.27 sq. ft. comes from the CW setting and the
boom-to-mast bkt?

73 Roger WB0DGF

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