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[TowerTalk] Static problem solved!!!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Static problem solved!!!
From: (Doug Robbins)
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 12:43:25 -0500
     Another lesson learned the hard way.  Don't place your
new Pro Scan  "can-do-everything-with-only-27-inches"  TV
within 20 feet of any radio manufactured after 1906.  It will
annoy the radio and anger the radio operator.

Doug - W2DR

> >The culprit ended up being my three week old GE, 31" stereo TV. 
> .  But guess what, I hv RFI from my 
> TV set too.  A Sony Trinitron XBR puts out great spikes on HF.  They're quite 
> narrow though, only a couple KHz max. 
> 73, 
> de ed -- K-zero-IL 

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