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[TowerTalk] RE: Using Silicone Grease

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: Using Silicone Grease
From: (Rus Healy)
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 15:16:53 -0500
RadioWare in Massachusetts (a QST advertiser) carries this stuff. It's not 
particularly cheap, but it works as advertised. A single connector pair doesn't 
have a lot of air space, either, so it goes a long way.

--73, Rus, NJ2L

Bill, W5EC wrote:

>I have never seen silicone grease. Any trade names?

I use Dow-Corning DC-4.  Some people call it "O-ring grease".  I learned of
its use many years ago in the oceanographic survey business.

This kind of product is usually not found in retail places.  Find a place
that sells industrial supplies like special adhesives and coatings to
commercial people, and they will probably have it or equivalent.


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