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[TowerTalk] F12 Dualies

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Subject: [TowerTalk] F12 Dualies
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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 14:44:32 -0700
This is just an FYI post, the last of which I will post
on this subject.

On Thu Mar 13  1997, I wrote:

>>> From!blackj Thu Mar 13 15:01:03 1997
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>>>Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 15:01:03 -0700
>>>Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] F12  Dualies
>>>Cc:, "Jonathan Starr" <>
>>>I am still waiting for a pair of 'H' models
>>>(the elite 3 ele 20m and 4 ele 10m) that I
>>>ordered last Nov 14 th :^(  .
>>>I ordered them through  the Phoenix HRO
>>>and all we get from Force12 is maybe
>>>in a few weeks.  How sad for delivery!

>>>We just had our first 90~ degree day
>>>this week and so it is almost to hot for
>>>climbing :^) may have to rent a crane.
>>> WB8GUC

This was in response to request for info from
  Jonathan Starr KH6X

Well, last Thursday I got a call from HRO informing
me that they were in town !!!  I had exchanged email with
Tom and he had informed me that were being built and that
one cause of the delay was that neither of these had been
on the 'list' for the "H" series of strengthening.

So Thanks to Force 12 for making them available and
not just rejecting the order, although I wish tht I would
have known about that earlier.

I picked them up on Friday afternoon.
Two boxes,:
 one containing the EF-410H  about 4 feet long and
 one containing the EF-320H  about 7 feet long.

Of course, then I could not do anything with them this weekend,
except I opened the 410 up to get the documentation out.
I have not had time to inventory yet, hope to get to it
this week and maybe, work schedule permitting, begin to
unpack, build and mount them.

c u agn folks,

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