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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 97 22:10:22 PST
Well, as far a torque absorption goes, there's a very old trick to solving that.

On that portion of the mast INSIDE the tower, have a machine shop well a front
spiral spring from a motorcycle, say 2' up from the rotor end. Then, CUT the
mast at the 50% point of the spring. As the rotor stops, all torque is absorbed
by the spring. Be sure the spring is at least 2"s larger than the mast size.

A refinement, which really isn't necessary, but has always made me feel a little
better is to have the machine shop cut down a piece of aluminum rod ( or steel 
so it will go inside the mast at the cut. ( about 1' on each side gives me 
of mind ) Drill through the mast and insert on the TOP and insert a bolt, DO 
BOLT THE OTHER END OF THE INSERT!! Of course, this requires the mast to be cut 
before the spring is welded on, but that's of no consequence.

I suppose automobile springs would work as well. This also has the effect of
allowing the rotor to overcome the insertia required to start the antenna
moving from "TRUE NORTH" ( there, I got it in )

Best to all

Name: Edward W. Sleight
To: <>
Date: 3/24/97
Time: 10:10:22 PM


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