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[TowerTalk] Connectors and the weatherproofing -Reply

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Connectors and the weatherproofing -Reply
From: (Scotty Neustadter)
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 18:06:45 -0600
James E Brown wrote:
> I care about having them come apart easily.  The 3M tape/butyl rubber
> connection does come apart easily with a single razor knife cut, and it is
> nice to have clean, reusable connectors on the end of the lines.
> Be wary of the shrink-wrap stuff on RF connectors.  I have read (but
> have no personal experience with) that some of this is not RF-friendly,
> and causes strange SWR bumps.  Maybe someone else on the reflector
> can go into more detail.
> Jim   W4LC
> >>> Chuck Dietz (KE5FI) <> 03/24/97 12:48am >>>
> wrote:
> >  > In a message dated 97-03-23 21:19:15 EST,
> writes:
> >  > > With all due respect, it sounds like you would need about an hour
> to get
> > the
> > >  thing apart.
> Hey, who worries about taking the joint APART??  I just hopt that it stays
> TOGETHER with no water incursion!  Hey, I'll cut the coax if need be!
> By the way, I have found some "shrink wrap" type of black material to
> cover connections with that you heat with a torch...  Some guys
> installing a comercial satellite installation gave me a couple of pieces... It
> seals like the original insulation on the coax and looks totally
> waterproof...  I hope someone knows the brand or source for this stuff..
> Chuck, KE5FI
Two solutions.
The first is RTV GE part number 142. The part number is critical!! It is
a non acidic RTV.  If you use an acidic one it will destroy the coax
shield in about 3 weeks.  If the RTV smells slightly like a citrus fruit
DO NOT USE! This is the acid based kind.

Second is liquid electrical tape. It comes in quite a few colors. About
$5.00 for a 6 oz. can. Can is similar to a PVC cement can. Stuff dries
in about 20 minutes and is great for covering entire connector. Can be
found at good marine supply houses or a larger ACE hardware stores.
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