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[TowerTalk] Silicone Grease In Connectors & Soldering

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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 20:59:27 -0500 (EST)
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I don't recall who asked about using silicone grease when assembling a 
connector to the coax, but my reply is DON'T do that...

My original post was the technique I use to waterproof the joint between 
two connectors - not between the connector and the coaxial cable.

As for the question of conductivity between the various mating parts of 
the connector joint, it is not an issue if the connector has been 
correctly assembled and installed.  The pin and matching socket still make 
a good connection in spite of the presence of the silicone grease.

Connector soldering observation:

Some of the cheaper connectors have metal platings that tend to repel 
solder.  Either use good quality (preferably silver-plated) connectors 
with teflon insulation, or be prepared to polish or file off the plating 
to get a good soldering surface.  I have found the money saved by buying 
cheap connectors is more than offset by the aggravation of and time 
consumed in the installation.  

I use high heat quickly applied followed by a damp cloth to quench the 
fitting - taking care not to wiggle the connector/coax joint as the solder 
hardens.  (Suggestion: use a vise to hold the coax while soldering it.)

73 - Dick Isely, WD9GIG

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