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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Eutectic Solder"
From: (Jim Henderson)
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 08:51:56 +0000
Esteemed Reflectees:

>And... for you chemists (or alchemists)... what is it about a eutectic
>solder that makes it any different than ordinary flux-cored 60/40?
>Enquiring minds want to know?
>Roger, K2JAS

        Roger, the property most valued in using eutectic (63/37) solder is
not the "melting point", but rather the shorter time the solder is in the
liquid state. This minimizes the risk that vibration can disturb the "set",
and thus the quality, of the finished joint. There are one or two other,
related qualities of importance as well.

        I believe NASA QC specifications for all flight (spacecraft)
hardware still call for using only eutectic solder. If anyone wants more
info, e-mail me directly and I'll look it up.

        An additional point is the quality (or lack of) of the resin (rosin)
in the core. Lots of junk solder on the market has stuff in the core with
really rotten (ie, hydroscopic and/or corrosive) qualities. Beware.

73 de Jim, KF7E

Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson

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