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[TowerTalk] Eutectic Limericks

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Eutectic Limericks
From: (Roger L. Elowitz)
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 19:10:52 -0500
Dale wrote:
>His connectors were electric
>To his equipment they connectic
>His attachment technique was eclectic
>Because his solder was eutectic


Hi Dale,

Tell me I bring out the poet in you!  Fabulous!  Now all you need for the
Poet's Hall of Fame Certificate (and a worked all Counties Award) is to
weave that one into a limerick..... This has got to be more fun than
modeling antennas!

There once was a ham from Connectic
Who's solder was soft and..... eutectic..
It started to flow...... 

(or finish it any way you like...or start from scratch.... as long as it has
nothing to do with how to find true north or shining aluminum tubing or
plastic owls).

Come-on guys.... finish it!  Best one wins a TH11DXS.... e-mailed to your home.

Roger, K2JAS

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