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[TowerTalk] Sommer Antennas ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Sommer Antennas ?
From: (Steve Sacco KC2X)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 97 06:22:40 -0500
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> > I've been trying to find someone that has any knowledge/opinion - 
> >       first hand or otherwise regarding the quality and performance of 
> >       Sommer beams. Any help?
>        Sure, the most unnecessarily complicated antenna I've ever seen. 
> it was a good antenna, more people would be using it.
> 73,  Steve   K7LXC
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Steve - 

I'd have to disagree with you here - I'd say the KLM KT-34XA is the most
unnecessarily complicated antenna around.

The Sommer antennas may have a lot of parts, but the are beautifully
I have read at least one review of the Sommer antenna, and it was quite good

What scientific measurements do you base your inference that they are not
good antennas?
Surely you are not slamming them based solely on the logic that "more people
would be using it".  Surely you are more responsible than that!

They are EXPENSIVE antennas, and that is one reason which could easily
explain why they are not in widespread use.

You should also include a disclaimer that you sell Force12 antennas.

Have a great day.

Steve KC2X

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