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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 07:23:46 -0500
This has nothing to do with the sig but oh well..

There once was a ham, quite eclectic..
Who spurned solders not made eutectic!
His joints were a sight.. 
So shiny and bright.
But his phobia made him frenetic!

On a more electronically oriented antenna note, help requested.

I, like many, currently live in a 'restricted antenna' environment. (Top
floor apartment with a balcony and poor access to outside supports
(trees, etc) However, that does not stop the creative juices from
flowing. Have been pondering 'how to get on HF'. Have tried slinky
antennas (somewhat successfully), 'shortened long wires', and two mobile
whips mounted side by side in a horizontal dipole configuration. These
worked "ok" but were either cumbersome to bandswitch, a bear to tune, or
just plain 'visible'.
(Any decent textbooks avail for purchase and review?)

Would appreciate any suggestions. Looking for 80-10, remotably tuned
(but not mandatory!). Please reply via the email to K3FT@EROLS.COM

73 & TU!

Chuck K3FT

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