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[TowerTalk] Re: Installing Coax Connectors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Installing Coax Connectors
From: (Alastair Beaton)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 13:52:58 -0000
Hi folks,

I've always hated soldering PL-259s, and try to use compression-fitting
N-types and BNCs instead. However...

The technique I was taught for 10.5mm PL-259s :
1. Tease the braid on the coax into two thin 'ears'.
2. Put the barrel on the coax ;-)
2. Lightly solder an 8" piece of thin wire on each 'ear'.
3. Tin the centre conductor.
4. Thread each wire through the solder holes in the connector (inside to
5. Pull the wires firmly, bringing the coax up into the connector and the
braid through the solder holes. 
6. Solder the centre pin/conductor
7. Wrap the braid around the outside of the connector and solder.

I find this easier than poking the iron into the little holes, and it gives
a very good connection. If you get it right it stays right. All you need to
do is make sure that it doesn't impede the barrel. I don't know if this is
an accepted method or a 'kink'. Does it make any difference to the
impedance? Ahem - this is a '259 we're talking about:-)


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