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[TowerTalk] Antenna switching ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna switching ?
From: (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 12:14:25 EST
Fred Hopengarten, K1VR
Six Willarch Road; Lincoln, MA 01773-5105
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On Wed, 26 Mar 1997 01:15:07 UTC (Glenn A Biggerstaff)
>How about a thread about antenna switching at the big contest 

Don't know if K1VR qualifies, but here's how I do it:

In general, I have two antenna choices (but usually more than two
antennas) per band.  So both antenna systems for 80, and both antenna
systems for 40, go to Daiwa two way switches.

The output of the "choice" switches goes to a Top Ten Devices switch --
for the RUN station, it follows the IC-765.  For the MULT station, the
TTD is an LPT version and follows the computer (Alt F1 and Alt F2 in CT).

One kink:  I use tribanders (a stack of 3 on the taller tower and one on
the smaller tower) on 20/15/10.  For those bands, I have a really big
Bird Electronic Corp. Model 72R switch, which uses N connectors.  It
swaps the tall stack and short tower antennas between the RUN and MULT
stations.  It is one of those switches where you pull it out, turn it,
and then re-insert.  A little awkward, but more reliable than previous
system which sometimes left an operator wondering why he wasn't hearing
any signals.

                                        Fred K1VR

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