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[TowerTalk] antennas from the apartment world

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Subject: [TowerTalk] antennas from the apartment world
From: (JC Smith)
Date: 26 Mar 1997 14:59:02 GMT
Hi Chuck,

OK, here's one  idea for your inside-the-top-floor-apartment all band HF
antenna.  As you will be using a tuner, you really don't need to worry too
much about exact lengths.  Generally, longer is better (as if you didn't
already know that).

Attach a long wire to the output of a random wire tuner.  Run it around the
ceiling.  Then take a wire of equal length and attach it to the ground lug of
the tuner.  Run it around the baseboard or throw it over the railing of the
balcony.  If you have trouble matching on a particular band try + or - a few
feet on the lengths.  You could also try resonant ground wires (1/4 wave) if
you are just throwing them over the rail.  Just clip on the right one for the
band you want to work and toss it.

I've done quite a bit of operating from a condo on vacation.  Fortunately, I
have had access to the roof to get the antenna up a bit from the building. 
However, there is often quite a bit of noise caused by other residents
"stuff."  I haven't tried it yet, but next time I go I'm going to try one of
those antenna noise cancellers.

Another thing you could try (although it's not automatic) is one of those MFJ
tuner/artificial ground combos, and you could also just put up a dipole on
the ceiling.  The legs don't have to be straight.

If you could get some cooperation from your landloard there are lots of other
things you could try.  Tell them how critical emergency communications are to
a big apartment building in times of disaster:-)

73 - JC,

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