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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower/Antenna Advice
From: (Kevin S. Mahler)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 18:05:00 -0500
I will soon be moving to Atlanta, Ga from Virginia.  I have not had my
station ever completly set up.  My goal is to set everything up when I get
to Atlanta.

I am looking for advice on what items I can add to make my station contest
worthy.  I'm not looking to be a big gun (read: I can't afford it), but I
would like to be able to post some respectable scores.  Heck right now I
can't work Asia.

Here's the hardware I currently have:
                Icom 730
                Drake C-Line
                Yaesu FC-707 Antenna Tuner
                I am building an 811A amp (800 Watt)

                50 Feet of Rohn 25
                Ham IV Rotor

        Plan to add
                Drake MN-2700 Antenna Tuner
                Alpha 78A or something similar.

My plans at this point are to purchase two more sections of Rohn 25, all
the assorted hardware and top section to handle the thrust bearing and rotor.

I would like to put the tower up to 70' with the A4S and a 40-2CD.  This
configuration puts me over the 9.8 SqFt Rohn specs the tower for at 70'.
The A4S is 5.5 SqFt and the 40-2CD is 6.38.  Has anyone else done this?  Is
it still up?

I am looking for advice on things I can do or add to the station to improve
my contesting ability.

Is 70' a good height?  Should I go higher (cost effectivly)?

Should I consider other antennas (cost effectivly)?  I can't afford a mono
bander on everyband nor the tower to hold it up.

Will the A4S give me a respectable signal?  I've never had it over 25' up.

What antennas should I put up for 80 and 160?  What heights?




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73 de KO4JY
Williamsburg, VA

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