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[TowerTalk] Installing Coax Connectors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Installing Coax Connectors
From: (JC Smith)
Date: 26 Mar 1997 15:14:25 GMT
>A difficulty I have experienced is in mixing PL259 connectors
>with various devices that use the matching SO239 socket.
>Is this just a random problem, or is there some difference in the
>thread pitch or length between US and Japan manufacturers?
>The problem can be described as a joint where the outer shell
>is tight, but the coax can still be moved.

Hi Martin,

I've had that problem with "UHF" connectors too.  It's not the pitch of the
thread, but sometimes the shell is too long for the number of exposed threads
on the SO jack.  Other times it just seems to stem from the aparent total
lack of spec. on PL/SO systems.  I've never had that problem with N
connectors, and I doubt that I ever will.  (I only use "UHF" connectors as a
last resort.)

73 - JC,

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