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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Installing Coax Connectors
From: (Dale Martin)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 19:17:19 -0600
On Wednesday, March 26, 1997 3:26 AM, John Brosnahan[] wrote:
>I hated to install PL-259s and tried virtually all of the techniques that
>have been talked about here over the last few days.  Drilled out the
>holes, tinned the braid, made ears, etc, etc, etc.
>Then one day many years ago I did it by the book WITH THE RIGHT 
>SOLDERING IRON and it was by far the easiest, quickest, best, and 
>prettiest way to do it.
>The secret is in having the proper soldering iron!
>You need a high temp iron with a lot of reserve heat capacity AND a small tip 
>that can get in the holes and directly heat the braid.  
>The minimum iron to use is a Weller with a PTC8 (800 deg) tip.  A bigger
>iron makes it easier--as long as the tip comes down to a 1/8 inch chisel
>where you can at least get the corner into the hole and into direct contact
>with the braid.
>Once you find the right iron then you need to know how to cut the coax.
>Using a SHARP utility knife cut through the jacket and shield without
>cutting into the dielectric.  It is easy, but it is a matter of feel.  You
>have to 
>feel the braid cutting but not go into the polyethelene.  Then move back
>the appropriate distance and cut the jacket while just barely touching the
>braid.  The jacket slips off leaving an intact and properly braided braid
>which screws into the connector without "bunching" and produces
>a full braid at each hole.  Soldering is then easy when done as described
>I was the designated PL-259 connector installer on the XR0Y expedition
>and had lines of people wanting to watch and learn how to do it properly.
>There is no need to resort to gimmicks.  With the right tools the little
>beasts go on easily and look professional.  Just take the time to 
>learn how to do it right!
>73  John  W0UN
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That's very interesting.  

But, just exactly when do you strip the inner insulator and solder the center 


Dale Martin, KG5U

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