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[TowerTalk] No Offense Taken!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] No Offense Taken!
From: (Roger L. Elowitz)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 21:22:24 -0500
Sam wrote:

>Hello Roger,
>     Just a couple of thoughts. All in gud fun .. not a flame!
>U seem a bit paronoid ... even butterfly collectors run the risk of
>uv radiation. I really dont think the 100ws wud be half the threat
>98% of wat we eat/ view on the tube / etc.   Bye the way do u also
>ware an lead shield and use telescope so u don't get 2 close to ur
 >   Again as I said ... just in fun ... not being mean..

>           God Bless & 73's
>                   de
>             KA5OAI <sam>

Hi Sam,

First, no offense taken.  You're a gentleman and I appreciate your comments.

Most of the time I'm rather blasé about things like this.  I don't generally
worry about non-ionizing radiation such as one would encounter living or
working or going to school under those high tension power lines. But, with
all the recent media play these things are getting (of course, so the media
has something to shock us with- pun intended) there's nothing wrong with a
heightened sense of awareness.

I love to lay and bake in the Florida winter sunshine and get a really nice
tan.  Damn I know without a moment's hesitation that it's doing nothing good
for my skin... and my mother died of melanoma cancer.  You bet I stopped
chain smoking and quit cold turkey 13 years ago.  So, while a tad bit
defensive... I think I'd call myself "aware" and enlightened... and
sometimes... actually STUPID, but not alarmist. If I choose to ignore the
consequences of "potentially harmfull stuff"... it's my call, at least.  If
I expose others to it without giving them the opportunity to make make their
own choices... then I'm being just plain immature and irresponsible... don't
you think? 

Of course it's my fondest hope all this hoopla will be put to bed and we can
get on with screaming "CQ Contest" while hanging from out beams... but, it
never hurts to try to make an informed decision.  If someone wants to bathe
in RF and clearly knows the consequences...or lack thereof... more power to
him- pun intended!

Thanks for understanding my position... (and thinking about the issue for
yourself) in all seriousness.

Roger, K2JAS  (Just After Sunshine)

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