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[TowerTalk] Soldering corroded antenna wires

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Soldering corroded antenna wires
From: (Roger L. Elowitz)
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 01:05:08 -0500
Hi John et al,

If I'm not mistaken I read somewhere or heard that using lemon juice (or is
it a weak solution of lemon juice concentrate) on your heated joints will
take the place of any paste flux and help make a beautiful solder job.  I
think the juice was used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to
reduce the need for polluting solvents to remove the flux from the boards.
For some reason I get the feeling I saw this on Discovery 2000 cable show on
the Discover Channel. 

Now I too am confused.  All these years we've been told not to use acid
solder on electrical connections. Why? And then again.... Why Not? This is
fascinating stuff since probably every single one of us needs this
information at one time or another.

Roger, K2JAS  (Just About Snookered)

At 05:10 AM 3/28/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Forgot who raised the issue, but if you want to solder connections on 
>corroded copper antenna wires, a wire brush will only get the exposed parts
>clean.  It won't help with the underneath areas where the wires are in closest
>contact.  What is needed to really clean the wires is an acid flux.
>The best I have used is Duzall by Allstate Welding Supply.  It can be
>found at any welding supply company and most good hardware stores.
>Start heating the connection with an iron or even directly with a propane
>torch.  When it gets hot apply a little Duzall with a cotton swap--doesn't
>much. The copper will become instantly bright and flashy--even underneath
>the wires.  Apply solder and you have a great connection--the solder will
>wick everywhere it is suppossed to.  Wash off the connection with water while
>it is still hot to make sure the acid flux is gone.
>Just takes an instant and makes for fully soldered connections.  It isn't 
>cheap in the little bottles but the price per ounce goes down quickly as
>the quantity increases.  But it doesn't take very much so you can probably 
>do connections for a lot less than a penny each.
>73  John  W0UN
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