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[TowerTalk] phillistran guy wires

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Subject: [TowerTalk] phillistran guy wires
From: (Mike Fatchett)
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 23:43:47 -0700
I use Phillistran on my tower.  It has been up since 1983.  At that time you 
had to use the potting compound which was a pain.  Very easy to use.  At the 
bottom I used 10 feet or so of steel in case of fire etc,,,.  I can see no UV 
degeneration of the jacket.  I love it.  Will never use anything other than 
Phillistran.  Lightweight compared to steel with tons of insulators.

One word of caution.  Don't let anything rub against the jacket, like a broken 
antenna.  It will rub through the jacket.  I had this happen.  I am pretty sure 
the cable is fine.  I wouldn't suggest pulling antennas up the guy wires with 

It will cost a bit more than steel cable.  

Good Luck,

Mike W0MU

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