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[TowerTalk] New T2X

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New T2X
From: (Dave Quick WD0EKL)
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 09:13:13 -0600
At 06:30 AM 3/30/1997 EST, (H John Kohl)
>The interesting comment from the Rohn spec sheet "DWG. N). A-760001R1"
>for the BX towers.
>Note:  Antenna types should be limited to those having a maximum boom
>length of 10 feet.  No engineering data relating to the use of boom
>lengths in excess of 10 feet is available and the use of such boom
>lengths is not recommended.    
>Nice disclaimer. 
>73 John

Everyone I know with a BX series tower exceeds this 10 foot boom guideline,
some by over
200 percent.  Does anyone have an enlightening comments about Rohn's
disclaimer? I presume
it's a CYA statement on their part.

Either way, the BX series seems to be a lot of tower for the money.

Dave Quick WD0EKL
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