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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 11:18:13 -0500 (EST)
if you are are putting that rotor in BX type tower you may have the Rohn
rotor plate....DON'T USE IT - UPGRADE IT.

The rotor plate is a bent up piece of sheet metal, fine for a TV rotor
sure...but if you have a serious mast and antenna you need a serious rotor
shelf (serious = technical jargon for heavier duty!)

If nothing else, use that shelf as a way to attache a 1/4" or so aluminum
plate to the tower...some times I put a lot of downward force on a mast,
which of course transfers to the rotor...and the sheet metal shelf would
become the weak link...before you get it up, like you say - think it out
now....when you are standing on the boom of the KT34 and you feel yourself
slowly decending, well, that would not be the time!

I would opt to put the rotor as low as possible (i.e. NOT near the top) so
you get the benefit of the widening cross section of the tower as well as
have ing plenty of opportunity to attach a means of lifting that mast later
on should you need to do a rotor swap out or repair.

These are my thoughts....the balance of the job "rests" on you!


Jim  K4OJ

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