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[TowerTalk] Echelon Stack-NK7U-Continued

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Echelon Stack-NK7U-Continued
From: (Jerry Boyd)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 05:32:45 -0800
Let me add just a brief comment to what Scott (K7ZO) said about the 10 & 
15 echelon stacks at NK7U's old QTH.  I've contested at Joe's ince 1980 
and I remember many contests there before the echelons went up.  Until 
they did we'd always have a higher percentage of Q's from Europe than 
Japan--which is not a particularly good outcome for a west coast station. 
 The echelons with their gain at low height and thus high take off angle 
reversed those percentages as soon as they went up.  Scott's memory may 
be better than mine, but I recall each antenna was a modified (i.e. 
extended boom) 4 element.  They DID WORK!

Scott is absolutely right.  The new station location has no obstructions 
in any direction so the traditional "4 stacks" that Joe has always run to 
Europe are now the approach that is favored for JA as well.


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