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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 11:31:00 -0500


     New Britain, CT, Apr 1--In a surprise decision made earlier today by 
the Ministry of Radio, the Peoples Republic of China announced that the 
recent BS7SR Scarborough Reef operation was deemed by the government to have 
been an "outlaw operation."  The announcement went on to state that "The 
operation was, therefore, illegal," despite the fact that permission had 
been given beforehand.

     The reason for retroactive cancellation of the DXpedition's license 
was, according to Ministry officials, that "Examination of the photographs 
of BS7SR in operation clearly show that all reasonable RF-safety 
considerations were ignored, thereby setting a bad example for the people of 
China and of the world.  The antennas were located much too near the 
operators for safety, and we fear for the operators' future health and 
children, if any."

     Because of this action, the ARRL has announced that DXCC credit for 
contacts with BS7SR has been withdrawn.

     It is rumored that the ARRL DX Advisory Committee is considering a 
proposal for a new rule that will allow DXCC credit for Scarborough Reef if, 
and only if, the DXpedition uses large cantilevered scaffolding for the 
antennas, in order to separate the operators from the antennas by at least 
50 feet horizontally and 50 feet vertically.  A DXAC member who asked not to 
be identified said, "We feel that ham radio ingenuity and the generous 
application of funding will be able to overcome this antenna difficulty on 
some future DXpedition."

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