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[TowerTalk] To grout or not to grout (tower leg bolts)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] To grout or not to grout (tower leg bolts)
From: (Leikhim, Joe)
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 21:06:15 -0500
I am in process of erecting my US Tower TX489MDPL. US tower does not 
mention anything about grouting the tower bolts. In fact it appears that 
a bit of adjustment might be needed to level the tower once it is set in 
place on the triangular tower base.

Rohn depicts the bolts of each leg of their self supporting towers being 
grouted. I assume that this provides protection to the bolts from water 
collecting at the bolts and causing corrosion. Does the grout also 
provide support for the tower leg??

Should I erect my tower, adjust the bolts for proper leveling and then 
grout around the bolts? Seems logical. 

Should I try to force grout under the triangular base or should I leave 
space for drainage. If the grout is to provide support I would have to 
do the former. If I do grout up to the base, wont the metal contacting 
the grout eventually rust??

Why Grout?? 
Joe Leikhim

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