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[TowerTalk] Telrex v. Cushcraft, etc.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Telrex v. Cushcraft, etc.
From: w2up@Op.Net (Barry Kutner)
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 16:14:12 +0000
On  2 Apr 97, Rich L. Boyd <> wrote:

> In a previous message I used the fine Force-12 antennas as an example of 
> the opposite end of the spectrum from Telrex; Force-12 made their antenna 
> as lightweight as possible using the rapid taper; Telrex seemed to make 
> theirs as heavy as possible.  But the Force-12 antennas seem to be as 
> well designed and made as Telrex, but with a totally different mechanical 
> approach.
The following was posted on our Packet Cluster, and it seems to 
confirm the surviveability of F12 antennas:

Several months ago, I replaced 2 antennas with a new Force 12 Magnum
520/340 yagi. The elements are very thin and I really wondered how
they would hold up in a heavy snow/ice storm. Well this winter was a
bust until last night... We had almost a foot of heavy, wet snow. When
I went out this morning, the antennas was totally incased in ice!! The
ice loading was so bad the tips of the elements were pointing stright
at the ground!! I watched the antenna bend in 50 mph wind gusts.. It
was not a sight for the faint hearted.... When I came home this
afternoon, all the ice was gone and the elements were stright!! The
antenna took a licking and kept on ticking!!!  I just checked it on
both 20 & 40 meters and it appears to be fine...

Disclaimer - I am NOT a dealer for Force12, nor do I own any of their 
73 Barry

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