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[TowerTalk] Bent mast.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Bent mast.
From: (stratto)
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 15:28:03 -0500 (EST)
Bob, Since  your antenna heights are not too high, and you want to save your
antennas, I would call a TREE expert that has a  truck with bucket
capability, hire him out for a few hours...

Also, I sleeved my mast. They are both HIGH Pressure STEEL, 1/4 inch wall,
about 13 feet in length out of the tower.  One mast inside the other, I have
a TH11, and above that by 8 feet a 40-2CD on the same mast. Antennas so far
have handled gusts to 70 mph.



>       First, let me save you a few bytes.
>       "WE TOLD YOU SO!!!"
>       The discussion about galvanized water pipe being a poor choice
>for a mast was not ignored.  But when I put the tower up some 20 years
>ago I didn't know any better.  After Monday nights blow, I know better!
>       What I'd appreciate now is some advice regarding how to get the 
>antennas down safely.
>       The tower is only 40 feet, mounted in concrete and bolted to the 
>house at 8 feet and at the peak.  The top of the tower is about 15 
>feet above the house.  Appox 9 feet of mast is in the tower.  The 
>remaining 12 feet or so is loaded with 205 elements of various VHF/UHF 
>antennas.  At the botton is 5 el on 6 meters. ( I can get this off OK)  
>At the top is 4 x 23 element F9FT's for 1296 and a 33 el looper for 903. 
> I'd like to not destroy these guys!
>       If I cut the mast at the top of the tower, would it fold over 
>gently or snap off?  ( I know Murphys Law.)
>       Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
>       Thanks in advance,
>       Bob N3RN  <>   FN11WH (no longer 50 - 1296)
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