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[TowerTalk] Newsline excerpt - 2000' Tower falls

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Newsline excerpt - 2000' Tower falls
From: (Jerry Fray)
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 21:37:08 -0500
Thought the reflector might be interested in this clip from the latest
Newsline hardcopy edition. If you already get this, sorry for the dupe.
>                    2000' TOWER FALLS IN CENTRAL LOUISIANA
>    A 2000 foot high tower belonging to KNOE-TV in Monroe, Louisiana fell as
> workmen were installing replacement leg braces on it.  One worker was
> killed and two others were injured in the collapse. At least two ham radio
> repeaters were silenced by the accident.
>    The accident happened March 20th, according to information form Tommy
> Gray of Graytech Communications.  The entire 2000 of tower fell within 70
> feet of the towers base.
>    The worker who died, was pinned under the rubble.  A harrowing story for
> one survivor.  He thrown from the tower, landing 200 feet away in an
> adjacent field.  He was found dazed and walking around when help arrived.
> The second survivor hit the ground sustaining severe injuries.  Both were
> rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition.
>    Guy wires from the tower were strewed all over the field.  One witness
> said the mess resembled a pile of spaghetti.  Falling guy wires also hit
> the transmitter building, causing damage so heavy that structure looked as
> if a bomb went off.
>    Tommy Gray, was working at a nearby station when the tower fell.  He
> says that the site appears to be a total loss.
>    The commercial TV station isn't the only casualty.  The towers collapse
> also knocked an educational television station, a regional FM radio station
> and two amateur repeaters including a popular 6m system off the air.
>    The broadcasters are now back on the air using other sites.  No word yet
> on what the hams plan to do to rebuild.
> (Via WB9ITT, Broadcast Reflector)

Jerry KG9JD 
"No Code - No HF....Know Code KNOW HF!"

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