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[TowerTalk] Bent mast.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Bent mast.
From: (Steve Vinson)
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 03:42:13 -0800
Bob Nygren N3RN wrote:
> Greetings,
>         First, let me save you a few bytes.
>         "WE TOLD YOU SO!!!"
>         The discussion about galvanized water pipe being a poor choice
> for a mast was not ignored.  But when I put the tower up some 20 years
> ago I didn't know any better.  After Monday nights blow, I know better!
>         What I'd appreciate now is some advice regarding how to get the
> antennas down safely.
>         The tower is only 40 feet, mounted in concrete and bolted to the
> house at 8 feet and at the peak.  The top of the tower is about 15
> feet above the house.  Appox 9 feet of mast is in the tower.  The
> remaining 12 feet or so is loaded with 205 elements of various VHF/UHF
> antennas.  At the botton is 5 el on 6 meters. ( I can get this off OK)
> At the top is 4 x 23 element F9FT's for 1296 and a 33 el looper for 903.
>  I'd like to not destroy these guys!
>         If I cut the mast at the top of the tower, would it fold over
> gently or snap off?  ( I know Murphys Law.)
>         Any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
>         Thanks in advance,
>         Bob N3RN  <>   FN11WH (no longer 50 - 1296)
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Bob I'm sure that Steve will have some good advice ... but how about
setting up a gin pole and attaching as high as possible above the CG
(center of gravity) of the mast above the top of the tower.  Then after
checking the tower for stability cut the mast into.  Make sure to attach
yourself with safety belt to the opposite side of the tower that the
mast will come down.  Use steel cable with two pulleys at the bottom and
run off at a 90 degree angle from the base of the tower.  The lower acts
as the pull pulley the upper a safety if the lower fails.  It just rides
the cable unless a failure occurs.  Then it keeps the cable from running
out at a 45 degree angle and pulling the tower over.  Then slowly lower
the mast and antennas to a point they can be disassembled safely.  This
would be my approach ... I'm sure there will be many other good ones. 
Good Luck!!!     

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