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[TowerTalk] The Other End of the Coax

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The Other End of the Coax
From: seay@Alaska.NET (Del Seay)
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997 07:10:12 -0800
Brent Childers wrote:
> Hello Fellow Towertalkers,
> Now that the coax connector subject has been addressed, I have a question 
> about
> the other end of the coax.  On the Cushcraft 40-2CD antenna, it's a split 
> driven
> element fed directly by coax. When you put ring connectors on the center
> conductor and sheild of coax cable, what is the proper way to seal the coax?
> I'm curious to see what people do to keep things waterproof.
>         73 de brent

Hi Brent: I'm sure you will get the usual amount of methods, but -
as a professional, I follow the recomendations of the mfg's. 
That is:
  After the connection is completed, wrap with Vapor Wrap, or
  "Monkey-shit" as it is called in the trade. Then, a single
  total cover wrap of Scotch 88 tape.

Vapor Wrap is a putty-like material that comes in either individual
pieces for a single connector, or in a  3"X50' roll. This is wrapped
around the connector and worked in with the hands to remove any air
bubbles. Then wrapped with '88' tape, it becomes totally immune
from weather and corrosion. 

Amateur connectors usually are replaced periodically, due to the
evolving of amateur antennas, so the long term necessity of sealing
is questionable. But, connectors on commercial antennas must last
many years, and the above method assures trouble free service for
the life of the transline and antenna.
73  de KL7HF

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