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<<  too was told this by my local building inspector-he wants the tower in
 middle of the lot, exactly in the best open space in my backyard-does anyone
 have any paper documentation regarding how towers DO fall?? 
 I have seen some talk about this in the past, and you and I know that a
 tower almost never falls straight over,but it would be nice to have
 something to back this up.
 Anything ever been written on this by a PE?? 
 In my case, I want to put the tower 22' from the side of my lot (self
 supporting crankup).
 Would REALLY be nice to have something to give the BI that would maybe
 change his mind.

I have a copy of "Regulating Radio and TV Towers" published by the American
Planning Association as PAS Report Number 384 (1984).  The report is
primarily directed to multiple use tv and communications facilities (and
and outdated NIER discussion), it does contain a model ordinance.
That ordinance requires that:
    4.3.2. The tower base is set back:
     From abutting urban residential district 
                          parcels or public proberty or street by a
                          distance of 20 percent of the tower height
                          or the distance between the tower base and
                          guy wire anchors, whichever is greater;

    The discussion section of the Report states:
     "For example, because the degris from a collapsing guyed structure
      generally falls within the perimeter of its guy wires, a site for a
      tower should include the circle bounded by the guy anchors. . .
 The Report goes on to criticise those jurisdictions which have adopted
site size and setback requirements exceeding those in the sample ordinance
as "neither necessary to protect public safety nor an efficient use of land."

The model ordinance exempts ham radio antenna towers from its more
onerous requirements.

How do you convince the local building inspector?  Take out the building
code and show him that things like chimneys are allowed to encroach
on the side yard setbacks.  Whenever this comes up in one of my
variance hearings, I always mention other permitted encroachments, suggest
that my client will obtain insurance (it's covered under your home owner's
policy), and point out the model ordinance provisions.

73, Jim O'Connell, W9WU  ARRL VC


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