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[TowerTalk] Create Rotators RC5-3B

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Create Rotators RC5-3B
From: (Kenneth D. Grimm)
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 07:46:58 -0500
Don Dykes wrote:
> Don't know about the create rotator, but my T2X has a hole for a bolt to go 
> thru
> the mast and the adjacent bracket/support of the rotator.  The bolt prevents 
> any
> mast vs rotator slipping.

I've usually done this.  When I did it, no slipping.  When I didn't, it

> I also read your other post regarding a KLM antenna that slips as well.  My
> KT34XA (don't have the antenna you refer to) uses a flat plate with U bolts 
> that
> attach to the mast and another set that attach to the boom.  I drilled
> additional holes in each (mast, boom, and flat plate) to insert bolts to again
> pin the things together.  I use the U bolts only for support to keep the 
> antenna
> from slipping down the mast (although the thru bolt help here too) and the 
> boom
> from slipping to and fro (again thru bolt also stops this action).

Same here.  One note of caution.  If you pin the rotator to the mast,
and then pin the beam's boom to the mast, make sure you have both beam
and rotator pointing the same direction!  True north?  :-)
Ken K4XL

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