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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Falling Radius
From: (DAN)
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 13:48:42 -0800
Bill Loviska wrote:
> >I never learn.
> >Why all the doubting Thomases out there?  Is it because of the felled-
> >tree concept that we believe towers fall the same way?  That sort of
> >plebian thought process is what prompted the young lady (when I permitted
> >my 130 foot tower) to tell me imperiously that I would have to place it
> >130 feet from any edge of my property!  Most towers I've heard of that
> >fell, fall within a short radius of the base.  By short, I mean quite
> >short.
> >
> I try to ignore postings that have the word "plebian" in them, however. In
> 1983 my Rohn25 tower, guyed at 3 levels, came down in a storm. It folded 2
> feet above the concrete and extended like a "felled tree". I hope you didn't
> tell the young lady, just as imperiously, that a tower will not fall like a
> tree.
> Bill
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Hi Bill,
What in the guying system gave way?  Did guy wires break, or did a 
termination slip or break?
Thanks for posting your experience.
73,  Dan - W4TQ

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