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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stubs
From: (Robert S Morris)
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 15:05:08 -0500

I tried to sent the message below to W2VJN, it came back as 
undeliverable. So maybe some one here can help me understand.

I am addressing an article written for NCJ about Band Switching 
Stubs for s Single-Op Two Radio Station. Sept/Oct 1996 issue

 I think I understand when to use a shorted stub vs an open stub.
 What my question concerns is when you put two or more in one
 run to an antenna  ie for the 40M station you use a B&C
 stub.  B stub = 1/2 wave open on 40M..C stub = 1/4 wave shorted
 on 40M also. My question concerns the hooking them up..
 AMP OUT------"T"------"T"------"T"------"T"  ANTENNA SYSTEM
          ^   1/2   ^  1/4   ^        ^   
         "A"  stub  |  stub  |  stub  |  stub
                    |        |        |
          What are the lengths of these cables and why?
 According to the article the "A" length is not critical.
 Later in the article in figure 9 at the top you show "D" as 1/8 wave on
 40M, Think the figure below shows the same thing with a 3/8 line as
 "H" etc..
 I am not interested in the switching as I will just leave the stub at
 the output of the band's amplifier all the time.. My question is still
 what is the proper lenght of cable between multiple stubs and why?
 Please help me understand..Thanks in in the pileups.
 Bob, W4MYA

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