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[TowerTalk] Room For Shorty Above TH11

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Room For Shorty Above TH11
From: w2up@Op.Net (Barry Kutner)
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 13:24:00 +0000
On  5 Apr 97, Charles H. Harpole <> wrote:

> Yes the cushcraft supports when placed under the boom instead of above--as
> designed--may buckle.  Mine installed below have a little bow in them now,
> but it has been up 6 years and cranked up and down, as well as blown in
> the wind (i.e., downward pressures increased by cranking) and it still ok.
> You guys on towertalk worry way too much.  This is ham radio, a hobby.  If
> you really worry, put in stiffer materials in the lower mounted boom
> supports.  Relax.  73, k4vud 
I am relaxed. Why, you may ask? Because my tower/antennas are 
conservatively engineered (aka following specs and manufacturers 
recommendations) to avoid problems. What kind of problems? Failure 
from overloading, and failure from ingnorance about the system.

We recently had a report from a guy with the bent water 
pipe mast, after 20 years of service. In the long run it's cheaper 
and less angst-evoking to KNOW something like that will NEVER happen 

You weren't involved in building the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, 
(great video, if you've never seen it), were you :.)

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