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[TowerTalk] Name that tower?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Name that tower?
From: (Steve Sawyers n0yvy)
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 1997 13:39:13 -0500
This sounds like the construction that was used by Alliance Towers in
Sioux City Iowa. They went out of business in the 80's I think. 

You might try contacting Ehresmann Enginneering in Yankton S.D. I think
he has the engineering information on the old towers and might be
willing to send you a copy. He can at least verify the model and the
manufacturer from the description. Mr. Ehresman is a PE and very sharp.
He has been on the business for a long time. I think his son is taking
over the business.

de n0yvy steve

AA1K jon zaimes wrote:
> 20-foot sections, triangular, bolt-together construction, galvanized.
> 19-inches on a face.
> The three vertical elements in each section are made of V-shaped steel, with
> the bottom of the "V" flattened out. The V is 2 inches on the sides, one
> inch on the "bottom". The bottom of each leg is swaged out to go around the
> top of the section below it. There are 10 bolt holes at the end of each leg
> for mating with the next section; four holes in the flattened-bottom of the
> "V" and three holes on each side. I neglected to write down the thickness of
> these pieces but I think they are 1/4 inch thick.
> There are horizontal angle-iron pieces every 23.5 inches. Each of these is
> 18 inches long, 1 1/4" wide, 1/8" thick. The horizontal members are on each
> face of the tower (not just steps on one side).
> There are diagonals forming an X on each face, crossing over from one
> horizontal member to the next. These diagonals are flat galvanized steel, 1
> 1/4" wide by 1/8" thick.

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