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[TowerTalk] Preform Guy Grip Install

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Preform Guy Grip Install
From: (Pat Barthelow)
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 13:59:18 -0700 (PDT)
NEEDED; FAQs re Preformed, Guy Grips;
          We at N6IJ, are sorting through our newly acquired pole
hardware at Marina, and, having read of failures of guy grips on the
reflector, would like some education on their use.  We have a large
number of them, of several types.  Most seem to be made for the
large amount of 5/16 guy strand that we have out here in Ft. Ord,
holding the power company poles up.  What we have are galvanized,
4 strands of steel, each approximately the diameter of 10 guage
wire.  They are preformed into the flat spirals to wrap around the
guy, and the spiral ends are coated for about 10 inches, with a black
bonding substance, that appears to hold a slurry of sharp edged grit
on the inside of the spiral strands, I assume to enhance their grip. 
K4VX stopped by after the DX convention, and commented that I
should always start with the shorter end of the grip for mounting on
the guy, and follow with the other strand.
My concerns are:
The grip is only 4 strands, maybe 5, I will look next time, fewer than
the guy strand they grip.  Lew said that is no problem, the steel used
is extremely strong.  I assume the grip to be stronger than the guy
it holds.  Some grips are of a different type, with no friction grit
applied, and are a full 7 strand piece. (like a guy strand)
Can any combinations of guy finish of the proper diameter, and grip
finish NOT have enough holding power to grip a guy adequately?
Can a given guy grip be used on more than one diameter guy strand? 
Will it be obvious if a 5/16 grip is attempted to be attached to a 1/4
strand, that somethning is wrong?
Must we ALWAYS use thimbles when anchoring to small diamter
How should we cut and terminate the guy strand from the spool of
strand in prep for use?  Should the guy end be tweaked, bent, or
hooked in any way, to as a last resort, prevent a grip from sliding off
the guy?

Any grip Gurus out there? 
Tnx, come see us this weekend, we are trying a serious effort at the
JA CW contest, our LP looks over the ocean to Japan, and we get
out gangbusters there.....
73, DX, de Pat, AA6EG/H6IJ
Marina Amateur Radio Contest Station
599 DX Drive,
Marina CA 93933

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