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[TowerTalk] Garage door opener rotator

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Garage door opener rotator
From: (John D. Peters)
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 22:11:04 -0700
Kris Mraz, N5KM wrote:
> I thought 110VAC on towers was a "no no".
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> Kris N5KM
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Why would "110V on a tower" be a no no?????  Wilson rotors have a 110V 
motor, all TelRex rotors have a 110V motor (likely more if overseas), I 
think the old EF Johnson rotor (1940-50 era) had a 110V motor.

If you're satisfied with the torque from a clock motor a lower voltage is 
what you get.  The usual Prop Pitch motor has a 24 or 28 V supply and big 
cable.  If you want 12,000 ft lb of torque and a rotor that will turn 
anything in any wind, you'll probably have 110V to the motor.

Furthermore, the lights on every commercial tower are certainly 110V. 
There are lots of tower lights etc in the Rohm catalog, all 110V.

What possible reason would anyone cite for not using 110V on a tower?

73 John K1ER

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