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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning Protection Components
From: (Wendell Wyly - W5FL)
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 19:05:38 -0500
Got my tower up with antennas and feedlines.  Read the Polyphaser Book. 
Good grounding on tower with ground rods (10), rebar cage grounding, and
500 ft of #6 copper radials. I have a single point ground and single point
entry into the radio room which is 25 feet from the tower.  

Now need good lightning protection components.  I have read all of
Polyphasers claims in their $20 book and ICE's claims and don't know which
to use.  They are about the same price within 10%.  I need to protect 3 - 8
conductor cables, 1 - 2 meter 50Watt feedline and 3 - (1.6-30 Mhz) 1.5kw
power feedlines.  Radio is FT1000MP hooked to computer and packcluster TNC.
 All 110 volt eqpt and computer has high quality ISOTEL protectors and
phone line protectors.   The 220 line to the amp is unprotected.  After
spending several hundred dollars on these protectors and grounding, can I
expect to be able to operate with lightning around or do I still need to
pull the feedlines from the radios?  I have been in a house when it was
struck by Lightning and this is serious business.

Any and all assistance sincerely appreciated.

Wendell Wyly         W5FL

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