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[TowerTalk] Going Price for Used 25G/45G sections?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Going Price for Used 25G/45G sections?
From: (Jay E Ostrem)
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 12:13:31 -0600 (MDT)
Hi Gerry,  I built my 140ft of RG-25 for $450 dollars.  I spent $10-$20 a
section.  I found them standing up, and laying in junk piles.  Fringe TV
areas with old homes are a good source(most folks have cable now.)

The insulators were bought from the local power co. for .10 a piece,  new
technology in fiberglass insulating sections made these obsolete in some
areas, many companies have barrels of them.

The guy wire was free.  I went to a well drilling company who had some
defective wire to unload. (20,000 ft).  It has a small copper wire in it, to
detonate an explosive at the bottom of the well to open up the casing.  The
copper went bad, so they just wanted the reel back.

Anchors were bought for $15 a piece, another discontinued item at a auger
and anchor service.  To small for drillers, too big for little job.

Cable clamps looked pricey, but I got a good deal them in bulk from the
CO-OP.  These were good grade.  I used 3 on each side of the insulators.

I spent 2 years scrounging and building.

You have to talk to people and let the community know what your interested
in, don't look desperate though because the price goes up.(simple economics) 

                            Jay W7CW in Gillette, Wyoming

                            On the 1AB Ranch in Campbell County

                            (previously WC7M)   

                             W7CW was previously held by Simon Hess
                                         SK 1912-1994                           

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