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Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 02:31:54 -0400 (EDT)
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> My concerns are:
>  The grip is only 4 strands, maybe 5, I will look next time, fewer than
>  the guy strand they grip.  Lew said that is no problem, the steel used
>  is extremely strong.  I assume the grip to be stronger than the guy
>  it holds.  Some grips are of a different type, with no friction grit
>  applied, and are a full 7 strand piece. (like a guy strand)

     Guy wire grips by Preformed Line Products are excellent guy wire
terminations and are fully rated for their appropriate wire rope application.
 Yes, they're strong enough.

    Are the 'different' grips with no grit new or used?  As far as I know,
all PLP grips use the grit on the bearing surfaces.  The same grips that
don't have the grit for one reason or another only have 60% of their gripping
power so the grit is necessary.  That's why they limit you to two removals
(install - remove - install - remove - install).
>  Can any combinations of guy finish of the proper diameter, and grip
>  finish NOT have enough holding power to grip a guy adequately?
     Preformed grips can be put over paint or many other thin coatings that
may be on the guywire.  
>  Can a given guy grip be used on more than one diameter guy strand? 

     No, grips are VERY specific for wire size, strands, lay and a bunch of
other factors.  

>  Will it be obvious if a 5/16 grip is attempted to be attached to a 1/4
>  strand, that somethning is wrong?
    Probably.  The easiest thing to do is to measure the size of the guy wire
to determine its size and then use the corresponding grip, insuring that it
has the right COLOR marks on it for that size; i.e. 5/16 is black and 1/4 is

>  Must we ALWAYS use thimbles when anchoring to small diamter
>  anchors?

    Yes, there is a spec for thimble size for each grip size; i.e. 5/16 inch
grips use 1/2 inch thimbles and 1/4 inch grips use 1/2 inch thimbles.  The
factory also recommends heavy duty thimbles. 
>  How should we cut and terminate the guy strand from the spool of
>  strand in prep for use?  Should the guy end be tweaked, bent, or
>  hooked in any way, to as a last resort, prevent a grip from sliding off
>  the guy?
     You don't have to do anything special.  "For appearance and safety, the
strand tail should be cut as close as convenient to the crossover mark.  If
desired, the strand tail can, instead, extend through the loop for grounding

     BTW there are two crossover marks.  The first one (closest to the loop)
is for normal wire attachment. The second one is for when you're using

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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