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Subject: [TowerTalk] Powerline Pole Guy Support
From: (Dick Flanagan)
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 11:00:44 -0700
At 10:13 AM -0700 4/13/97, Roger L. Elowitz wrote:
>Since I am not fortunate enough to live out in the "wide-open-spaces" I have
>to make-do with a half-acre lot for stringing antennas.  Now, a very kind
>next door neighbor has allowed me to use one of his trees as an end support
>for a 160 meter dipole.  The only other support far enough away is a wooden
>powerline pole in the front of my house at the curb.  The pole not only
>caries very high voltage, but also telephone and cable wiring.
>Can I get away with using this pole to tie a 3/16th inch nylon guy rope to,
>to hold up one end of my dipole about twenty-five feet above street level?
>There most likely wouldn't be any dipole wire for perhaps ten feet of the
>pole and I would secure the rope above the telephone and cable lines and
>below the power lines taking good care to not come near any of that stuff.
>Is this a legal NO NO?


>Is this a safety nightmare?


>After all, the cable and telephone companies share the use of the pole.

They pay for their use of the pole and they also pay the insurance premiums
that go along with it.

>Really guys... in all seriousness,....  is considering using the powerline
>pole for this purpose stupid and I should quickly put out of my mind

In all seriousness, I would put it out of your mind.

The liability issues are staggering.  What if a high wind breaks your
dipole at the center feed point and the wind whips the power-pole side of
the antenna up into the high voltage wires?  If this didn't take out the
power grid, it could cause hot wires to hang down to street level a.k.a.
people level.

I think you need to resign yourself to a half-acre lot not being able to
support a 160-meter dipole.  :(

73, Dick

Dick Flanagan W6OLD CFII Minden, Nevada

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