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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 08:06:36 -0400 (EDT)
We pulled up a coaxial hardline and the rotor cable on the new shorty tower
today....I had a brainstorm that worked well and will share with fellow
towertalkians, puttin somethin back into the well, today's Hint & Kink:

The control cable we pulled up today had a junction box at the end of it that
had a terminal strip where the rotor pigtail attached to the housewiring we
use for the long runs....rather than wire it all in at 50 feet up, Dad
pre-wired the box so it only had to be u-boled onto the tower leg topside and
we would be QRV.

If you have ever pulled stuff up inside a tower there are always the nagging
collisions and snags as the end of the cables/cable boxes etc go up.....that
corner always wants to sneak outta the interior and you have a start and stop
routine....that corner always gets caught on a rung of the tower!

Well Max, its not the cone of silence (rember that agent 88?) but it is a
cone or more precisely, a funnel!

Take a funnel large enough that its diameter is a little bigger than whatever
you are pullling up inside the tower, install it over your pull rope,
inverted so the pointed end is up....and there you have it. This little gem
stears the load for you, the tapered cone keepsyour load worked
really well with the 5" x 5" electrical box that had to be pulled up today!

The best part was that after it was bolted in place we pulled up the Ham-?
bolted it in place, put on the quick-connect (tnx C.A.T.S.....or whatever he
calls himself these days) and it worked - no pesky wiring for these less than
agile fingers today!

Try it, you'll like it.........


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