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[TowerTalk] Grounding Checklist

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Grounding Checklist
From: (Alfred J. Frugoli)
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 20:04:25 +0000
I'm going to be moving my shack into a different building on my property 
this summer, and want to build up a check list of things I want to do 
right for grounding when I re-route the coax and control cables, and 
when I bring them into the new building.  Here's my list so far for 
lightning protection:
    1-Ground coax shield at base of crankup tower
    2-Ground each tower leg to a separat 8 foot ground rod and 
      interconnect all ground rods with copper flashing.
    3-Run all coax and control cables underground to shack using proper 
      methods to keep moisture and critters out 
    4-Bring all coax and control cables through an entrance panel and 
      install lightning protectors on all control lines and coax.

Here are my specific questions:
-Should I also ground at top of tower?  How? Should I install lightning 
 arrestors at the base of the tower as well as ground the shield?
-What's a good material to use for a "conduit" when burying cables?  
 I've seen 4" downspout drain pipe at Home Depot.  It's corriguated 
 black plastic material, it comes in 100 foot legnths for about $25, 
 would this work?
-When RF grounding equipment in the shack, which is better to use, 
 copper braid, or copper strap/flashing?  What makes a good buss for the 
 back of the operating table?  I presently use 1 1/2" copper pipe.
-I realize I should connect the ground rods at the tower base with the 
 ground rods used outside the shack an entrance panel.  What's a good 
 material for this, just plain  large guage wire like 6 guage, or 
 should some sort of copper flashing be used?  Can this wire be run in 
 the same conduit as coax cables, or should it be run separatly?  The 
 distance from the tower to the shack will be about 300 feet.
-There is 120v ac at the base of the tower coming from a different 
 building than where the shack is to power the motorized winch.  Should 
 the ground of that electrical system be connected to the ground for the 

In general, is there anything I've forgotten?  Please respond directly 
to me and I will summarize for the reflector.  Thanks in advance.
Al, KE1FO, ex. KE6BER or
Check out my web page, for summaries 
from the contest reflector and a growing list of amateur radio links.

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