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Subject: [TowerTalk] Station design resources
From: (R. Morris)
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 18:48:21 -0400
Greville Balzarini wrote:
> I am not sure who wrote the original message or I would have sent a direct
> message.
> I am new to Tower Talk but would like to add to the topic of a new house.
> While putting in the foundation have the contractor put in a slab for the
> tower, base the size on the tower spec.  Cheaper while the hole is open.
> Rebar the tower base and make it large enough to increase the base size of
> the tower if the need arises.
> While you are at it, add a slab for the generator shed.  Only needs to be
> about four to six inches thick, depending on your location.
> I think I would look into the possibility of running the coax and control
> wires through a large conduit into the ground and then through the
> foundation wall.  The top of the conduit could have a ninety degree bent to
> stop any water.
> Just thought I would add to the topic.
> Good Luck
> At 09:15 AM 4/15/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >At 8:58 AM -0700 4/15/97, Rich L. Boyd wrote:
> >
> >>If you're building the house from scratch, consider having the builders
> >>install ground rods below the basement concrete slab.  I've heard of this
> >>being done.  Sounds like a slick idea to me...don't know if there are
> >>negatives.
> >
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    One of the few smart things I did, was have two extra courses of
in the basement spec the basement with room for a finished
ceiling (drop ?) and still have 8'.. I have seen it done, when real
fit 19" racks: A "fake" paneled wall, out 4', with open rack rails..When
filled with 75A4's etc. Today's stuff does not lend well to such
but there's lots of things like Astrons and computer boxes that can go 
on shelves, behind the the wall. 

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